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One Tree Pledge is a commitment to offset the carbon emissions of the homes or buildings we occupy. Home dwellers pledge to plant one tree for every square foot of their home or apartment. Builders/Construction Companies pledge to plant one tree for every square foot of new structures built. American Forests will assist with planting trees at a cost of only $1 per tree. The trees will sequester more carbon than the buildings emit, leading to a carbon negative footprint!


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One Tree Pledge - Our Environment | Our Future
One Tree Pledge - Our Environment | Our Future

Make the Pledge

We have made it as easy as a click of a few buttons, to plant trees at a cost of $1/ tree through the American Forest Organization.

Click below and join the One Tree Pledge movement by taking the Pledge!

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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The One Tree Pledge is a simple concept that allows Individuals and Construction Companies the ability to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees with American Forests. Trees naturally breathe in carbon dioxide, filter the air, and release oxygen. It is nature’s cure to global warming, and we must embrace it.

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American Forests

One Tree Pledge has partnered with American Forests to facilitate the planting of one tree for each square foot of building space occupied or constructed. We join American Forests in an effort to plant 4 billion trees by 2030.

Every dollar donated results in one tree planted. For as little as one dollar per square foot of your home, building or new construction, you can help make a difference.

Take the One Tree Pledge today and plant trees with American Forests for each square foot of your home, building or new construction! We can help slow climate change and allow our forests and our planet to thrive.

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Our Top Priorities

While we are building for the future, we have to take care of our future. The trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions is warming our planet at a rate that is not sustainable. We are already seeing the affects on a daily basis, through extreme heat waves, hurricanes, Ice sheets and Glaciers melting, Sea Levels Rising, Waters Warming , Marine Life Dying, Coral Reefs Disappearing, Plant Species Dying, Extreme Lighting Strikes, Tornadoes, and Droughts.

Once we open our eyes to the affects of our activities, we realize more than ever why we must change our path. One Tree Pledge is a start towards a sustainable Future.

Our collective efforts at Ziman Development ensure that all of our homes have a negative carbon footprint.

We invite you to take the One Tree Pledge and contribute to the creation of healthy and resilient forests, from cities to wilderness, that deliver essential benefits for climate, people, water and wildlife.

- Michael Ziman

The History of One Tree Pledge and How It Came to Be

I am sitting in my office as earth day approaches, six weeks into being quarantined due to the Covid Pandemic. As I check the morning news, I am drawn to a picture of the Himalayan Mountains, taken from over 100 miles away. This site has not been viewed from this distance in over 30 years due to smog and pollution. There are other images in this article, showing the most heavily polluted cities all over the world, having crystal-clear blue skies, sites that haven’t been seen in decades. It became abundantly clear what human activity does, or better yet, the positive affects due to the lack of human activity.

I began researching climate change, and was blown away by the evidence and studies done by highly respected specialists in their field. Our earth has warmed and cooled at times, and over many hundreds of thousands or millions of years. Each time, it is of a direct effect of the carbon levels in the atmosphere, which trap heat, warming our planet. While this past natural occurrence took us out of the ice age, it also increased carbon by a single part/million over tens of thousands of years. In the past 20 years we have pumped more carbon into the atmosphere than we have over the previous 800,000 years combined. I realize that many of my own activities, and my business of building beautiful homes contributes greatly by the carbon released to build, heat, cool, and electrify my homes.

I audited my own activities and my construction business, being the largest contributor. I wanted to align my personal interests with being a good steward of our planet with my business. If I could make each and every one of my construction projects carbon negative then I could align all my desires. This is what I set out to do.

I looked into various methods of Carbon Capture and realized that nature provides the perfect, natural solution. Trees naturally breath in carbon dioxide and expel clean Oxygen. Diving into the research, I quickly concluded that I could offset all the greenhouse gas emissions from my buildings by planting just 1 tree, for each square foot of structure I build. I worked hard to figure out how to implement a large scale tree planting initiative, with the means, land, and horticulture know-how.

I am excited to present my partnership with American Forests, the oldest preservation organizing in the US. Working closely with the US Department of Forests, we can reforest, and plant native species of trees, in areas of need, and on federally protected land.

We have made it as easy as a click of a few buttons, to plant trees at a cost of $1/ tree through the American Forest Organization. As home dwellers and builders, we can all offset the emissions from our homes and buildings by planting just 1 tree per square foot.

In the past few months, we have planted over 65,000 trees because we have built 65,000 sq. ft. of new homes. This is a small start to what is required to change our climate trajectory. Help our future have a future by giving back. It has never been so easy as the One Tree Pledge.

I invite you to join us build for a sustainable future.


Michael Ziman

Michael Ziman

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