300,000 Trees For 3 Million HERS Home Ratings

As RESNET achieves its 3 millionth home to be rated using the HERS Index, they are celebrating the milestone with environmental activism.

Make the Pledge

Construction Companies

Construction companies of all types can help to counter the carbon emissions associated with energy use of home dwelling by making the One Tree Pledge – committing to plant one tree for every one square foot they build.

Plant Trees

Home Raters & Real Estate Professionals

Everyone in real estate can get involved! OTP and RESNET are urging everyone from ratings companies to realtors to make the pledge to plant trees. For only $1 per tree, everyone in real estate can help mitigate carbon emissions, building a better future for those who will be living or working in the homes and buildings we build, rate or sell.

Join the campaign to plant 300,000 trees by the end of 2023 to help combat climate change! The trees will naturally sequester roughly 3 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere annually.

One Tree Pledge has partnered with One Tree Planted and they plant one tree for every $1 donated.

Trees Planted (click to see breakdown)

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Trees Planted thru One Tree Planted

Trees Planted thru Ziman Development

Trees Planted thru American Forests